Sunday, August 23, 2015

KHD - What People Say About Us

                   What People Are Saying About KHD:

Spiritually insightful !
  • Zenaida

True blessing!
  • Kelvin

I love this Congregation. I got the word of the Lord and so much love.
  • Beckie

This is my kinda Messianic Synagogue!
  • Joanie

There are few places in Manhattan which offers a good balance of worship, liturgy, teaching, family and diversity. Step through the doors and you know immediately this place is special. It's a place to bring family and find prayer and healing. Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese or English, no one is left out!
  • Emmanuel

I visited Israel in May 2014 for the first time and then April 2015. I fell in love with Israel and my exuberance for her just overflowed. When back in the states I returned to my non-denominational church--No one really wanted to hear about Israel! I prayed for the Lord to find a place that had a passion for her! I never thought it would be Messianic but another church. Yeshua quickly answered and I was invited to KHD in May of 2015. The teachings from Reb Benzi and our other leaders are solid and ever so interesting! I feel like I have returned to my Ashkenazic and Sephardic roots ( my maiden name is Goldenberg) The music is also so anointed and just plain wonderful! So much joy here and my joy has surely increased! I wanted to become a member from the very beginning-The fellowship is terrific and we are a family! You will never be bored at our congregation!
  • Annette

When I visit KHD for the first time , I knew it in my heart that I was home ,that I have found my roots my family and since that day I fell in love with the reverence that they have for God in KHD, I never seen people of God so humble, I thanks God for Reb Benzy , Maharat Erika and all that beautiful family that he put in my life, feel free to come and visit and experience by yourself, we don't have a big home and the biggest and only one luxury we have, is YESHUA, with him we have it all.
  • Atalya

KHD is a joyful, spirit-filled community that worships God in spirit and in truth. Reb Benzi is a servant-leader, and his well-prepared sermons never fail to deepen my understanding and love of the way of the Lord. Come celebrate Shabbat with us!
  • Kimberly

This synagogue is truly amazing. It was exactly what I needed when I moved to New York, and it is a great environment for faith to grow and thrive. These people are like my second family. 
  • Haley

Truly something that I myself have not seen before. The spirit of Elohim is on this Shul. I recommend to you and your friends, you will not be disappointed. The teachings are really amazing and like I have never heard before. Come and learn about Yeshua of Nazareth from a Jewish perspective. 
  • Elijah

G-d showed me his love through Kehilath HaDerekh. When I came to New York City, I had a question in my mind - Could I find a good congregation in NYC? And finally I found that my Lord prepares the great experience with lovely brothers and sisters here. I can’t forget the moment that you all welcomed me on that day at the congregation, and the smiles and Reb Benzi greeting me in Korean. I appreciate everybody for showing love, and Bless His Holy Name.
  •  Jung

Kehilath HaDerekh is a blessing and provides essential restoration of common ground between Jewish and Gentile believers.
  • C. Park

Thank you for all that KHD as well as yourself have given me these last few months!! I always left the shul with deep peace in my heart! And I always came with the joyful anticipation that I would find healing there! KHD has been one of the rare communities in my life where I've felt at home 
  • Abi

From the first time I visit Kehilath HaDerekh my soul had rest, I felt home. This is what I was looking and praying for, truly the way Yeshua HaMashiach meant it to be, a congregation like in the book of Acts. I felt the Holy Spirit, the love, the warmth, only good fruits, a warm family. When I am in New York again I will certainly visit this congregation again. I pray for all of you that God will continue blessing the work of your hands, that you keep spreading the Good News, so that more people will be helped like you helped me! Thank you very much!
  • Natatia

Kehilath haderekh is a congregation that combines traditional Judaism, Messianism, and the move of the Spirit into a beautiful and powerful spiritual experience. The community and leadership along with the spiritual dynamic brings me great joy and has contributed to my own growth and progress.
  • Andrew

A spiritually fortified community to nurture the fragile faith of new believers and strengthen the faith of mature believers.
  • Rosario

When I first went to khd I thought I was going to a synagogue. I thought wrong, I did not sign a document to do a member as I have seen in other synagogues, I made a covenant, and I thought khd was a synagogue, and its much more. The truth is it's a family, and i'm happy. I feel great seeing the.members of this family. The only thing I hate is saying goodbye, when service and our bible study end. But I receive the strength I need to persevere in the week. Thank you Hashem for such a blessing, feels nice to have found a home at last. I found a brother in the congregation in Brian Joseph coolest guy I know, a met a very sweet friend in Reb Andy... and I thank Hashem for a wonderful leader , may Hashem bless the khd family... and our leader Reb Benzion HaLevi. And I say this in the name of Yeshua ! Amen
  • Brian S.